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A well of mindfulness practices created to cultivate and grow self-compassion and well-being in teachers.  The Teacher Well is a place where teachers are put first.

The Mindful Reset System


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Journaling Experiences

Mindfulness Activities

Breathing Exercises


Alignment Assignments

I see the struggle in you every day, in every teacher. Teaching is hard. And we all hide just how much we are struggling. We are missing connection. We are missing collaboration. We are missing compassion.

Especially in these times.

And the biggest concern is time. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done. There’s not enough time for the emails, lessons, meetings, paperwork, but most of all the students. The guilt we carry about not helping our students enough doesn’t stay in the classroom when we walk out. Because we always carry that in our heart. The Mindful Reset System helps you feel whole and complete as a teacher. It reminds you that putting yourself first benefits not only you, but also your students and everyone around you. You help others by helping yourself first.

The Teacher Well Mindful Reset System includes guided meditations, journaling experiences, mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, and alignment assignments that can be completed in five minutes or less. Designed around the Core Four Framework of calm, focus, uplift, and inspire-The Teacher Well Mindful Reset System will give you the energy, spark, and insight you need to live a life full of passion and purpose.

How does The Mindful Reset System help?

The Teacher Well Mindful Reset System helps teachers create a culture within their classroom and in their life to step away from the chaos and into a space of calm, changing from reactive and distractive, to intentional and mindful. Research shows that with a repeated and consistent mindfulness practice, we can form more long-lasting traits of being mindful. The Teacher Well Mindful Reset System is both practical and time-conscious and will help you become a more mindful, centered teacher.

These practices can help you in more places than just the classroom, they can also help you in your personal relationships, as a partner/spouse, with your own children and help you fully connect to your purpose on a whole new level. 

Think about how much can change for the good in just 5 minutes!

Here's what I know and believe

we need our teachers well…
in Mind, Body, and Soul

and within the walls of the Teacher Well we grant teachers permission to dedicate time and space for inner growth through self-compassion and self-exploration.

Because I believe teacher well-being is the key to longevity and exceptionality, I’m all about creating the most mind-expanding teacher support for my community.

The Core Four Framework

All of the The Teacher Well’s practices are designed to be completed in 5 minutes or less. and are focused around our Core Four Framework:





 By selecting which of the Core Four you would like more of in that moment, you empower yourself to choose how you want your life to be and feel. The power is in your hands to change your life for the better.

By giving yourself permission to breathe, listen, write, and release, you are giving yourself the freedom to heal and grow and that means you are becoming a Well Teacher. A teacher who models for their students the importance of nourishing the soul above all else.

Meet Melanie Rix

Hi! I’m Melanie Rix. I am a special education teacher and after spending over 15 years in this field, experiencing frustration, tears and burnout, I knew there had to be a well way.

The problem – when was I ever going to find the time? Between lesson planning, meetings, emails, and-oh yeah-teaching, I had little to no time to dedicate to myself. My idea of self-care was doing something special, and often expensive, to try and shake off the days and weeks that I neglected myself. Those attempts at self-care had short-lived effects that didn’t even begin to scrape at the surface of the problem. I was left feeling anxious, unfulfilled and unhappy soon after in both my personal and work life.

I knew I wasn’t performing at my highest level because I wasn’t nourishing myself at the deepest level.

As a teacher and a mother to two young children, I had to create a habit that would be both feasible and impactful. I needed a dedicated time to reconnect with myself, check-in, and re-center during my work day. Five minutes was all I could afford during the busy school day, but after committing to this practice, it not only became easier to put myself first, I was also more balanced, happy, and prepared for what life had gifted me that day. It was my first step in combatting what I felt was a systemic problem-teacher burnout due to unrealistic expectations of what one person can effectively accomplish within an 8 hour school day.

I created the Teacher Well because I wanted to share the tips and techniques I have learned that can completely transform your day from chaos to calm. It takes as little as 5 minutes -and I really, truly believe everyone can find 5 minutes to dedicate to themselves during their day. You are worth it!

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Become a Well Teacher

It is no secret…
teachers are exhausted.

It is time to empower yourself and become the 

Well Teacher you know you can be.

A well of mindfulness practices created to cultivate and grow self-compassion and well-being in teachers.  The Teacher Well is a place where teachers are put first.

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